January 12, 2016—Day 11 (WD 292)

Sunrise Pages

Good Morning, Great Spirit!

Thanks for a full and satisfying day yesterday.  I wrote and ran errands, and I walked around a couple fun New England towns on a cold, snowy winter’s day.  I even enjoyed a short conversation with a downy woodpecker on its way to a front yard feeder.

I watched this morning’s sky go from the black of night to a heavy gray overcast.  But, there was this moment that lasted maybe five minutes, where the clouds in the southeastern sky lit up in a tapestry of bright red hues.  Slowly, the brilliance dulled, and now there’s absolutely no evidence of the rush of color that had been.

I could easily have missed it.  I had shut my eyes and was resting.  When I opened my eyes, there it was.  No warning, no fanfare.  Beauty!  Then a slow fade back to monochrome.

What moments of beauty and wonder have I missed?  Countless, I’m sure.

But, it’s not worth worrying about the ones I’ve missed.  It’s about appreciating the ones I have witnessed, and resting sure that there will always be more.  I think it also serves me to tune in to my peace and space, because that helps me be present and open to receive the wonder and beauty all around me.

Story-telling.  We’re all story-tellers.  All our lives, there are moments and events for which we have an original, unique perspective.  Part of how we connect with people is through our stories, by sharing our perspectives.

There is power in the stories we tell.  Our stories, like all stories, reveal beliefs, fears, hopes, strengths, and weaknesses.  It can feel vulnerable sharing our true stories, and sometimes this makes us hold back.  We try to protect ourselves by changing some of the story, or not telling the whole story.

Not only do we do this with others – sometimes we tell ourselves a story that avoids uncomfortable truths.

Or, we repeat a story we’ve grown comfortable with and fond of, even when it’s no longer true, and no longer serves us.  It’s another version of those ruts we get into with our thinking.

In the trajectory of our lives, we continue to change and grow.  When we hold onto old stories, or tell ourselves versions of stories that avoid uncomfortable truths, we create a gap between us and reality.  This gap holds tension and struggle.

When we try to convince ourselves to believe a story that doesn’t line up with our truth, it hurts us.  Maybe it increases our blood pressure, gives us headaches, or a kink in our neck.  Maybe we don’t sleep well, or can’t focus fully on our daily lives.

Our stories are always changing.  Just like each day is different, and we are different within it; so our stories have different lessons and focuses each time we tell them.  When we listen closely, and open ourselves to the evolution of our stories, we can learn new things from old stories, and see our own growth.

I once had the opportunity to be a part of the orchestra for the musical “Kiss Me Kate.”  Sitting through a number of rehearsals and performances, it was really something to see how no two performances were identical.  Different timing, different emphasis, lines delivered differently.  There was a magical life to the performance; where we weren’t just repeating action, we were in active connection with each other and the creative, unique story that emerged each time.

I spend time each morning inviting and acknowledging connection to The Source.  I think when telling our stories, it can be powerful to get out of our own way, and invite our story to come from The Source.

Also, don’t take your stories too seriously.  Allow yourself to play, have fun, and get creative and inventive.  Because, just as your stories will naturally evolve and shift perspective, playing and connecting with those stories can fuel your evolution.

Is there a story you’re telling yourself that isn’t working for you?  Might there be another perspective that works better, and could be just as true?

Is there a story that no longer serves you?  Are you ready to just let it go?

Open your heart to your true stories, and trust the inner voice in your heart.  Follow that inner compass.

Thank you, my Spirit Guides!

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