January 9, 2016—Day 8 (WD 289)

Sunrise Pages

Good Morning Great Spirit!

Onward to the adventures of this new day!  What wonders will I encounter; what opportunities will I be presented?  May my cup of knowledge have room for learning, and may my heart be filled with love.

This is a new day!  May I grasp the miracle of the rising sun, even when it returns day after day.  May I appreciate the blessing of my breath; that gives me life and creates the electrical energy my cells and body need to heal and grow, and do all that they do.

Grant me the wisdom to see the abundance of limitless choice in front of me today – which direction I go, which path I follow, is mine for the choosing.  Rather than think there is one right choice, one perfect road; open my eyes to the freedom and fun of exploring where my heart takes me – going into the unknown, seeing what’s on the other side of things.

Please help me live fully today – one hundred percent in my intention, commitment, and integrity.  May I be wholly open and honest with myself, so that my actions are in alignment with my Truth and Purpose.

Then shall I rest easy and soundly tonight, knowing I gave and received compassion and kindness, and did my best, and what I felt was best, every moment of the day.

Hmm.  Again, something I’ve written that I had no plan for.  Yet, as it was written, I felt the meat of it very powerfully.  What am I asking for, hoping for?  It does seem so simple.  Still, I can imagine moments in a day, when it may not be so easy.

Meditation is something that helps me check in during the course of my day – to notice whether I’m aligned with my intentions and integrity; to re-ground myself when energies and frenetic buzz around me are spiraling me away from my center and my calm Peace; to remind myself of my physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.  Meditation also creates the space wherein I can witness the gap, in part represented by my breath, which is the divine connection between me and The Loving Universe.  I am sustained, solely and ultimately by the breath provided in infinite abundance to me by the Universe.  I’ve come to think of the air I breathe as the Love of the Universe.

I say all this about meditation; yet, in truth, meditation is one of the things I’ve set aside to open space within my day for these writings, and typing them up as blog posts.  While I don’t doubt I have informal moments of conscious awareness throughout my day, there is a power to the formal practice of meditation.  A power and benefit I have not been experiencing fully.

Today, though, in the almost prayer-like words I was given at the opening of these pages, there was a connection for me with that power.  Awareness of what I am given, and offered.  Focus on where I put my attention, what matters to me, and what I make matter.

This morning, I was given a moment where all stopped; I was completely still, and in that stillness was the whole of it.  My connection/relationship to the World, with the World!

It’s difficult to describe, and my guess is that it’s a very personal, individual thing.  Within it, though, for me, is this understanding: that as much as I need The Universe – it sustains and provides for me; The Universe needs me, desires me to live fully, to love with my whole heart, unabashedly and without fear, to follow my North Star and live my Integrity and Purpose.

As I say, it’s hard to express, a sense that I am small and so dependent on this so much greater entity; yet, at the same time, my effort and integrity matter to it.  My Love powers and sustains it.

How can that be?

Within these moments, for me, can be understandings and possibilities.  I don’t have to know how or why.

I am buoyed and propelled by the connection and power I am offered in my magical relationship with The Universe.  And, every part of The Universe, including the land and trees, the animals and people, You, and even me and the cells of my body, have a communication with me, spoken in the giving and receiving of Love.

Blessings, Creator!

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