January 7, 2016—Day 6 (WD 287)

Sunrise Pages

Dear Creator,

Every day I try to open these pages by appreciating some beauty or gift that I experienced the day before, or in the present.  Or, if the day before presented particularly difficult challenges, I look for a lesson, sometimes simply the reminder that I endured and survived, and that all things pass.

Today I just want to say thanks for the way it all works.  You know I don’t think I’m special or unique, in the sense that you are paying any particular attention to me, helping just me out, and shining divine light on only my life.

No, I feel the magic in this world that we all have, is that there is a magnetic synergy and synchronicity; so that, when we show up and follow our truth, we intertwine and connect with energy and opportunity available in this abundant Universe.  When I open up my heart and mind, doorways and pathways open to possibility.

I try to stay aware that when I see my life and the world as limited and stuck, then that is all I see.

I often think of the story of the housefly that flies again and again into the glass of a closed window, desperate to get out.  Meanwhile, on an adjoining wall, there is a wide open door offering freedom.

Where we see ourselves boils down to our perspective, which is built on what we think about our situation.  The cool thing, magical really, is that we can choose our thoughts, and completely change the landscape of our lives.

This kind of change doesn’t usually happen overnight.  Why?  Because we get stuck in our ways, and we get stuck in our thoughts.  Each day, as we tend to repeat our patterns and thoughts, a rut forms, like a path in the woods.  The more it forms, the more it gets used and the deeper it gets.  Soon, it seems like the obvious and only way to go.

Of course, it’s not.

Consider this – I think we get blind spots based on our false beliefs.  I also think we sometimes confuse the idea of simple with easy.

Remember that fly in the window?  She sees the outdoors through the glass and believes that’s the only way to go.  She’s following the rut in her thinking, blind to the open door.  She’s working very hard, but getting nowhere.

And, consider that path in the woods.  As it gets used, it remains free of debris and overgrowth.  Passage on the path is easier – even when it doesn’t get you where you want to go.  If you want to blaze a new trail, to head toward where you really want to go, the answer is simple – you just need to figure out what direction to go.  But, understand – blazing that trail for yourself, leaving the old path, will require effort and will be challenging.

Also, there’s always that tempting knowledge that staying on the path is easier travel.

For me, when the going gets tough, and I start thinking about how easy it would be to just stay on the trail, I’ve learned to remind myself where it will get me.  And where it won’t.

In the comparison of hard versus easy, there are layers to it.  Even when the immediate passage is easier by staying on the old path, there is a deeper, more costly toll I’ve paid by not following my inner compass, and not listening to my true self.

There is a tension created when we aren’t living our authentic life.  We can try to ignore it, overcome and push through it, or pretend it’s not there.  That can work for a time.  Eventually, though, that tension slowly seeps into our joints and muscles, our blood vessels and nerve endings; even into our sleep and dreams, immune system, and our DNA.  We get worn down and worn out; sad, angry, and moody; we feel more and more stuck, more broken; we have physical aches and pains; we get sick and unhealthy.  Our relationships suffer, and our self-esteem.  We feel more unsure of who we really are, more phony; less worthy and less loveable.

But, remember what I was saying about perspective?  This is just another rut in thinking.  The opportunity is still there, always there – to leave the old path and start out in the direction of your True North.  When you do that – any time and every time you do that – you dissolve the tension and begin your healing.

Is it easy?  I’ll be honest – it often doesn’t feel easy, especially in the moment.  But, it can be simple.  It starts by being open to that guiding voice and your inner compass.

Thanks for the Guiding Light, Spirit!

Be the light

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