January 2, 2016—Day 1 (WD 282)


Good Morning, Creator!  Thank you for guiding me to, and helping me see, love and companionship in my world.  There is so much in my life, and I am grateful

I have decided to practice writing and sharing my “Sunrise Pages.”  This is a venture for me into what feels like risk and the Unknown.  The kind of thing I’ve thought about in the past, then let my doubts and concerns fester until I would just let the idea go.  Untried.

Not very brave.  Not very adventurous.

I’ve been writing Morning Pages for a little over a year now.  I discovered Morning Pages when I decided to work through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Her book is a twelve-week process for finding one’s voice, dissolving thought blocks, and connecting and opening the channels to creatively expressing one’s self, guided by the loving, abundant power of ________ (The Universe, the Source; Julia chooses the term “God.”  But, really, whatever might work for you, envisioning something that holds us, our environment, and our entire world with loving-kindness.)

Let me quickly add this disclaimer—I am not attempting here to define or explain Julia’s work.  And, I earnestly encourage you to investigate The Artist’s Way program for yourself, directly from the source (http://juliacameronlive.com/).

What I am doing here is offering my personal interpretation of Morning Pages, and how the practice has evolved for me. I’ll also share how the practice has personally helped and changed me. Finally, in this new phase, I am choosing to share my daily pages, because I feel called and challenged to do so.

As I mentioned, it’s been over a year since I started through The Artist’s Way. I’m no expert, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot, and blended much into what I already know and believe. For instance, I saw great connection with the process in The Joy Diet by Martha Beck, which I’ve studied and worked through a few times now.

Here’s what I believe about this type of journey, whenever and however you go about it—Any time you are starting at a place where you are stuck, blocked, and scared, and you hope and wish to get to a place of freedom, belief, and joy—you have to spend time moving and doing through the Land of Risk, Doubt, and Failure.

There’s no magic potion that will first make your fears disappear. There’s now transporter that will beam you past your blocks, right to a Place of Joy.

It will be up to you to choose the journey—maybe because the status quo is no longer acceptable; or maybe your desire for Joy and Peace feels worth the risk. Or, maybe you see glimpses of yourself every now and then that make you believe your life could truly be different, better.

My morning writing has helped me work through some of my strongest held beliefs—the kind that were woven into my story for so long and so fundamentally that they were practically invisible. Stories about relationship, personal strength, success and failure, sexuality, happiness, love.

I’ve had conversations with my father within my pages. I’ve asked the Universe for answers, guidance, and to just take away that which I couldn’t seem to exorcise for myself—my fear. When I’ve thought I couldn’t do or be one thing because I had to be another—I asked myself, “Is that true?”

I’ve coached myself. I’ve dreamed again. I’ve prioritized, and re-focused and reminded myself what really matters to me; who I choose to be and where I choose to put my energy and time.

I seem to recall Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way describing how some people begin by using their Morning Pages as a type of rant, to voice and get out their blocks and frustrations as a release, rather than bottling them up and carrying them throughout the day. While I understand that, it never worked that way for me.

In my pages, My Great Spirit helped me shine a light on what was true rather than false; helped me see where I was choosing from fear rather than love and freedom; considered “What-if” for if things went well, instead of only seeing disaster.

A gift of these pages is that they can be whatever you want; maybe, more importantly, whatever you need. The intention is a daily morning practice—in the past year, I wrote approximately three out of every four days. When I traveled or had to work early, I needed to release myself from what felt constricting—the burden of having to write. I haven’t written three pages every time.

You may not write at all, maybe you’ll just follow along with me. I hope you receive something from this, if you do.

Thank you, Great Spirit!

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