Holiday Presents (Presence)

From the age of five until I was ten, when I was a kid, I asked for the same gift for Christmas.

We had a ritual in our family, where we would make a list of what we were hoping for, under the Christmas tree. The lists from each of us four kids helped our parents know what our diverse interests were, and they really tried to get some thing (or things) for each of us from our list.

Each year, Sears would send out their Christmas catalog, which included everything, including toys appropriate for different ages.  We would each sort through the catalog, using it as a magical reference book, containing items we could only dream of.

Each year, I would go through the catalog’s children’s section page-by-page. And, each year, I was captivated by the idea of getting a football uniform—not only a jersey, but even a helmet.

I was a big fan of the Miami Dolphins. I liked the team, and I loved their logo.  I thought it would be so wonderful to have a helmet and jersey I could wear when we played football in the backyards with all the neighborhood kids.

The funny thing was, I wasn’t that into football.  I mean, I enjoyed playing it with the neighborhood kids, and we would play football during the NFL season.  But, it wasn’t like baseball.  I ate, slept, and breathed baseball.  My guess is that if Christmas fell during the baseball season, I would have even more enthusiastically desired a Baltimore Orioles jersey and batting helmet!

I never found a football helmet or jersey under the tree for me. And, as I got older, it seemed less important and rather silly, and I stopped asking.

Thinking about it now, I think it would have actually been weird to show up to play with everybody, wearing that helmet. But, I sure thought it would be cool back then.

Nowadays, do you know what I wish for, for the holidays? It’s nothing that can be boxed up and placed under a tree.

I wish for moments of gratitude, peace, and connection with friends and loved ones. Much has happened and changed in my life, things have come and gone, and loved ones have moved on, both geographically and physically.  Appreciating the call of the holidays, to reunite, reminisce, and celebrate together is far more precious than anything I’ll find under the tree.  Even a football helmet!

For the second year, Jeannine Gury and I are teaming up and offering a powerful and informative workshop on Claiming Your Holiday Joy.  The program includes three live teleclasses, where we’ll discuss: defining your personal holiday joy, staying mindful of connection and gratitude, learning strategies for coping with the challenges that can occur, and exercising your celebration muscles!  Also included is a one-on-one coaching session with your choice of Jeannine or me!

More detailed information will follow, and please contact me with any questions and to let me know you are interested!

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