A Practice of Purpose


I have discovered that living a purpose-driven life is not always easy.  For me, it has required mindful intention-setting as a regular practice.

Because, while it is helpful to spend some time and focus on the small-part gear-mashing that occurs on a daily basis, focusing too long and too hard on the minutiae can hypnotize and overwhelm me into forgetting about the Universal flow and abundance that is carrying me and everything else along.

So, I have needed to make a practice of getting thoughtful and aware to what my Purpose is, to where it is that I feel my life is called.  Touching upon My Purpose, daily, helps me filter and choose in service to who and how I want to be; which is in connecting with others and helping them tune in to the Energy and Call to their Purpose.

When I tune in, and choose and act in alignment with My Purpose, it can truly carry me rushing along like the flow of a mountain stream.

Please, Join In and Share--