Intention and Abundance

Going Up in Italy

I feel that I’ve set a course, as of late, and I’ve been working more purposefully and with more effect.

I still get stuck, like the beginning of last week…but, I still co-launched our Journey of Discovery program (which is All About JOY) with my coaching buddy extraordinaire, Jeannine Gury, as I created graphics and post updates.

And my big block, writing my next golf-flavored post, I was able to dissolve, finally composing a piece about competition, which we published in the OSG Newsletter.  (I will post it on the blog in the next day!)

By listening to my heart and directing my energy into creative effort that allows me to express and share my passions, I am tapping into a new energy.  I am peaceful and still enough to feel the pull toward inspired action, clear and calm enough to follow my intention toward creative expression.  And I feel and hear Joy!


So, a funny thing happened today…twice.

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I’m a runner.  With a chronic back problem.  And, lately, it’s hurt to run.  So, I took almost a week off from running, and felt better, but when I ran again, the pain quickly returned.

I discovered that the heel of one running shoe had pretty suddenly disintegrated, which I suspect has contributed to my recent pain.  Of course, new running shoes are expensive.  What to do???

After a run, and pain, yesterday, I looked up recommendations for my size and foot mechanics.  $$$  Yikes.  I chose to sleep on it.

This morning when I woke, my mind was made up–I’ve experienced too many benefits to stop running, so I would get the new running shoes.  And the shoes that I had in the shopping cart from last night were, without explanation, discounted $60.

Dollar Signs

As I was working with Jeannine this morning, my laptop decided to suddenly shut down by itself.  You know, the scary blue screen stuff!  Things seem to be okay, but I have been worried about the laptop heating up, and had been thinking about getting a lap mat with a fan.

Well, I went to “Big Warehouse Store” to shop, having temporarily forgotten about my earlier laptop woes.  When I got to the computer accessory area, I remembered the mat and decided I would just buy one.  Surprise–clipless coupon item–$10 off!


So, in a big world that celebrates us living our intentions and purpose, and creatively expressing ourselves; and a universe that is abundant and loving us–Thanks, beautiful Universe, for the paycheck!

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