A Journey of Discovery

Joy Diet

The Journey begins today–

You are invited to our Grand Social (Media) Experience!  Join me and fellow life coach Jeannine Gury as we Journey to Discover the Joy in Our Lives, using Martha Beck’s The Joy Diet as our Guide.

Each week we will explore one chapter of The Joy Diet.  We’ll start on Mondays with a conversation on Jeannine’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jeannine.gury) that introduces the new chapter, while offering closing thoughts on the previous chapter.  Each Wednesday, we will have an in-depth discussion about the new chapter that we’ll record and share on Jeannine’s Facebook page.  And Fridays, we will share our progress of the week’s “menu ingredient” with another Facebook discussion.

The Joy Diet is an amazing book that invites us into ten behaviors that can enhance our engagement and experience of our Life’s Journey; a journey where the terrain is most certainly unpredictable!  Martha’s “Ten Menu Ingredients for Joy” include:  Nothing, Truth, Desire, Creativity, Risk, Treats, Play, Laughter, Connection, and Feasting.  So, how about beg, barter, borrow, or buy The Joy Diet and join us as we awaken to the Joy available to us, and we walk this part of the adventure together!

Please, Join In and Share--