Post-meditation Prompt

aham brahmāsmiMy thoughts lately have been centering in on the idea of success, and where joy and fulfillment rest within that picture.  Relatedly, my meditation practice has discussed the often misguided relationship between struggle and worth/success.  After meditating tonight, I was journaling to some prompts.  One prompt offered me to write a supportive letter to myself that reminds me of my strengths and values.  I offer it to you, to chew on and push against.  My hope is that you may find it useful, that it may cause a shift.

Dear Ray,
Your happiness and joy is not found in proving yourself to others, in needing them to see you as hard-working and overwhelmed, or successful.  Your joy comes directly from doing the things that light up your heart.  This includes finding stillness and peace within, practicing understanding and self-awareness.  But, also, by connecting with others, sharing and celebrating and acting in kindness, your heart fills and you smile.
That is your success, your value, your wealth.  You will please others by pleasing yourself, by giving in communion with others.  That is your blessing.
Be well.

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