Blessed Gifts

In MemoryBuon Natale!

In the quiet stillness of our holiday at home, I find myself grateful for this time of reflection.

As some of you know, it is not easy to build one’s own business.  And, often, the terrain seems exaggerated–higher peaks, deeper valleys.  Our celebrations this holiday season are decidedly low-key; yet, I am discovering a wealth within the lack of glitz and glamour.  Time together, conversations with family, community singing…

Yesterday this website surpassed 6,000 views.  For me right now, this represents a milestone that is perhaps more emotional than substantive.  Here’s why–

As I mentioned, this year of entrepreneurial discovery for me has been landscaped with peaks and valleys.  At times, quite the roller coaster ride.

Yet, time and time again, during the lows (The Shallows and Doubts), I have been gifted with some note, or story, or picture with a quote, that would lift my heart and fill my sails.  Just enough hope, energy, and love to tap my reserves and rally my perseverance.  The amazing thing was that these gifts were unsolicited; they just appeared–the needed message at the right time.

I am so grateful.  And here’s the thing.  For those 6,000 views of this website, and for my FB posts and emails this past year, I truly hope they came at just the right time, and carried just the right message for some of you.  I believe there is a type of magic in The Universe that offers us just what we need, if we are aware and receptive.  I know I have received from this Universal Abundance, and I hope I have contributed and given back as well.

Blessings for The New Year!

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