Answering the FAQ’s–Part 1

Which WayIn my post last week, I presented my 2-for-55 coaching package, celebrating 5,555 views on this website.  The inquiries I’ve received are the same as the questions I’m often asked in social situations once I’ve identified myself as a life coach.  I believe that when one person is asking a question, many more are probably wondering the same thing.  Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to try to answer some of these Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is a life coach?  Some people have never heard of life coaching; others have worked with a life coach or know someone who has; but most people are somewhere in between, colored by information and opinions of others, then adding their own speculations and assumptions to create a picture of a life coach.  I appreciate the opportunity to describe, in my own words and in my own way, what I do.
  • Who are your clients?  With what kind of people do you work?  This is a tricky one—people want to know “how do I compare to your clients?”  There is a trap here, because a person wants to feel hope for an improved life through a coaching relationship, but s/he also desires to identify him/herself as “more content” or “better off” than others who “needed” a life coach.  Dissecting this paradox is one example of how my coaching works.
  • What do you do with your clients?  Coaching is very personal, and coaches each have their own styles.  I believe the relationship between the coach and client is sacred; it’s important for this space to be safe and authentic.  Within this sacred space, we explore who the client is and who s/he aspires to be.  This sacred space requires Trust, Honesty, and Vulnerability.  From this base of Truth, we explore upwards and outwards in the direction of the client’s Purpose and Love.

heartMy next few posts will answer each of these questions more directly and in more detail.  I thank those who have inquired.  As I stated, I believe you are asking questions for us all.  Thanks to each of you for reading and joining with me, and please keep the questions coming.

And, remember, it’s not too late to enroll in the 2-for-55 coaching package.


Much Love, Ray!

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