October Update


Great Blue HeronGreetings, Fellow Journeyers!

So, I’ve been out and about this past month, exploring new territories and relationships.  I also chose to refrain from writing.  For me, it had to do with conserving and directing my energy and focus.  When writing, I work at clearly articulating my message; but it is solitary work producing a singular voice.  This past month has been about getting my voice out in the world, participating in creative dialogue that honors, challenges, and strengthens my understanding and sense of the world.

Most of this new exploration has involved going deeper in the world of life coaching.  I’ve gained a fun and creative friendship with a local Martha Beck Master Coach—Jessica Steward.  Jessica is insightful and encouraging, and we’ve had some wonderful conversations.  I’ve also connected with a network of local MB-trained coaches, thanks to Jessica.  Within my Training Cohort, I continue to connect with Jeannine Gury, my Coaching Buddy.  I’ve also been hosting a conversation with my fellow cadets that I’ve entitled “Going Deep with The Universe,” where we discuss and debate the powerful, incredible, and arguably magical energy that we’ve discovered and tapped into through our life coach training.  Outside the Martha Beck connection, I’ve also re-connected with some of the men from my Men’s Fundamentals experience this spring.  I got the chance to participate in a lively and creative discussion with a group of CTI trained coaches, playing and exploring with a new idea of how to connect with and use the divine energy within us, ultimately to benefit beyond ourselves—“from me to we.”

Ray Apple PickingGetting myself out there in this way is not as comfortable for me as you might assume.  There was a time when my anxiety often kept me socially isolated.  Even now, anxious thoughts still show up.  I’ve just been learning to challenge my limiting beliefs, trusting that I will be alright, and believing that it’s okay for me to be uncomfortable.  I know I want to grow, and I know growing means stretching beyond my comfort zone.  So, most of the time I just keep repeating the mantra “right now, I’m okay.”  Sometimes, though, I haven’t overcome.  And, that’s got to be okay, too.  I just know that overall, I am doing what I most want to do, being who I most want to be, and living how I most want to live.

So, I think that’s pretty good.

I’ve also continued to practice mindful meditation, including participating in a 21-day mantra challenge.  Additionally, I’ve been reading books and watching movies about Buddha, Jesus, and Gandhi—exploring suffering and acceptance, unconditional love, social consciousness, and universal abundance.  I connect with Buddha’s path of The Middle Way.  I believe The Middle Way is a dynamic, personal space found through awareness and compassion.  I identify with Gandhi’s philosophy of personal truth and integrity; the means justify the end.  All three, from what I understand, believed in respect, compassion, and understanding of all others.  I strive to weave those beliefs into who I am.

That’s an update of where I am and where I’m heading.  I’ve missed sharing with you.  It’s nice to be back.


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