Why WHY matters

Be the lightI’ve been thinking a lot about what I do and why I do it.  I believe the reason why I do something, my motivation and purpose, is oftentimes more fundamentally important than the action itself.

This introspection keeps me in touch with the dynamic progression from event –> feeling –> thought –> to chosen action.  Part of this awareness includes the realization that most actions, and most feelings, are neither good nor bad.  I choose instead to view my feelings and actions as more or less aligned with my True Self.

For example, I could correct someone publicly.  One reason may be to belittle them to make myself look smart.  A different motivation might be to encourage a discussion in order to explore different perspectives and ideas.  The former reason comes from me living small and scared, the latter from me wanting to do my part to lift up the group to something greater and deeper.

I thought about this the other day as I ran.  Why was I running?  Part of it is to exercise myself for personal health and mental challenge.  Is that enough reason to get out there regularly?

Then I thought of The Universe and me.  When I get out and run, not only do I improve my personal health, but I incrementally raise the health of The Entire Universe.  Just a little.  And, maybe someone who sees me running gets inspired to run.  Or, they see me and smile or laugh.  How about the people I pass and greet with “Good Morning?”  We smile and connect during that moment.  There’s an energy and peace of mind for me after I run, and I’m sure it shows up in my interactions the rest of the day.

My meditation practice is similar.  By achieving a greater peace and connection internally, I radiate and share that peace and connection outward, and I am sure I raise the collective spiritual energy of The Universe.

To those who have run, meditated, laughed, and loved before me, and continue to do so–Bless You.  And Namasté.

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