Cardinal at the Window

In MemoryLast night, as I was writing my latest post, I became aware of the sharp singular whistle call of the cardinal.  Sure enough, right outside my window, in the dimmest of light as dusk deepened to night, I spotted the bright red of a male cardinal.  He held a bright berry in his beak, and turned calmly on his branch.  We seemed to make eye contact as he remained there for a couple minutes.  Then he flew away.

As I ran today, a thought appeared.  The red cardinal is my mom’s favorite bird.  This male cardinal appeared while I was deep in thought working on my article.  I felt a moment of connection with him.  What if that cardinal represented my father.  Going deeper into my journey is a story connected to my relationship with my father.  It gives me a lot of peace to think he came to share my moment of openness and authenticity.

Peace Dad.

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