New Age of Men

Sunset Clouds and Vines

I am the product of the New Age of Men.

I am stronger being vulnerable than pretending to be perfect.

I am more effective by accepting than by being close-minded.

I am more energized playing and resting than working hard.

I am greater when I share and help than when I stand alone.

I am more generous by giving without expectation than by scheming ways to get ahead.

I experience more beauty by taking time to appreciate the moments of life than by constantly chasing “not enough.”

I am more fulfilled by being part of a connected, loving community than by fearing rejection.

Here’s the thing—the old way a lot of men lived, strong and closed, was out of fear of not being a “good enough” man.  Those men were supposed to be right, perfect, self-sustaining, and completely independent.  The truth, though, is that no man is—therefore, the trick was to pretend, to act like everything was fine, even when everything seemed to be falling apart.

Well, I’m not going to pretend.  I’ve messed up in the past…I still do, and I figure I always will.  But, that’s okay.  Because, I now understand that we all mess up.  None of us is perfect.  And, when we drop the mask of perfection, we all are pretty amazing underneath.  And, we have a lot to share with each other.  And, it gets really incredible.

So, I’m all in!  No more mask!

Please, Join In and Share--