Going Deep, Part 2

Rip CurrentsI had some creative ideas materialize while on my run today.

My first thought was picturing how time flows, which we usually assume is consistently steady and one-directional.  But, what about those times when time seems to stand still, or fly by?  What if time flows more like a river, and we could travel it like a kayaker, faster on outside curves, slower on inside curves, or standing almost still in an eddy?  What if, like in a rip current, there would be a channel of time that would move quickly and separately from the time around it?

I pictured myself running through a narrow, fast-flowing channel of time on my run.  I didn’t run an amazingly fast time, but it felt more effortless!

Then, I found myself pondering the second law of thermodynamics: the law of entropy.  This is the law of change that states that all systems move to maximum entropy, meaning disorder.  It got me wondering–what about evolution?  Isn’t that an idea of a system that is improving, becoming better, more efficient, and more ordered?

I don’t know why these ideas showed up to me today.  I don’t even know if they are accurate statements; currently they are just interesting ideas for me.

Here’s what I do know, and I am tickled by it–apparently some people have already been pondering the entropy/evolution thing.  Who knew?

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