Going Deep with The Universe

Ravine Self-PortraitAs part of Deepak Chopra’s meditation practice today, he suggests that each time you find yourself in front of a mirror, look deeply in your own eyes and silently repeat these words three times, “I see you, I accept you, I love you.”


Today was a day full of magic for me.  This is my interpretation of the events of today, and I’m not sure what you’ll make of it.  So, let’s just keep it between you and me.

It all started with my run today.  As I started out, a little bird caught my eye.  It was a goldfinch, and he flew just ahead and off to my right as I ran.  He would fly a few feet ahead and land, wait for me, then fly a few feet and land.  Whistling its four-note call, he stayed by me for a good 20-25 yards as I ran.  Then he veered off, but I imagined him still with me in my mind’s eye.

I was having trouble deciding on a route to run.  At the last minute, I chose to run to the part of the Salem State campus where I had my last Graduate class.  As I got near the turn for the driveway, I suddenly felt sure I was going to see my professor there.  As I ran up the hill, an SUV passed, heading downward.  The driver’s silhouette could have been this professor.  As I continued up the hill, I looked back, and the SUV hesitated, then stopped for a moment on the way down.  I don’t know for sure that it was my professor, but it’s got me thinking about contacting him.  so, maybe there’s a reason we need to speak.

On my run, I also got a neat idea about using two videos of golfers to deliver a message explaining an aspect of coaching.  That should be coming in a couple days.

The last couple days there have been moments when I’ve pictured Adam’s face in front of me as I run; ever since I finished Expecting Adam the other night.  I’ve imagined him joining me on my run, sharing the sensations.

At home, I started wondering if Adam might be on Facebook?  As I was searching, I heard what sounded like a hawk’s whistle.  I asked my wife if she was playing a video on the internet or anything that would have that sound.  When she said “no,” I went out my front door to see two hawks flying high overhead, whistling their shrill call.  They soared for a while, moving away.  Then, suddenly, they were back directly overhead, with another loud whistle.  As I sat on my front steps watching, the thought came to mind that this was Adam saying “hello.”

Going Deep with The Universe and opening myself up to the presence of miracles–Anything is Possible!

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