Possibilities ImaginationMy Daily Gratitude–

I had the pleasure of two Coaching Buddy calls today–so impressed by the courage and presence it takes for someone to show up, be vulnerable, and share where s/he is uncomfortable; yet digging deep to get through it to the “lightness” inside.

I am humbled and smiling with the positive feedback I’m receiving for the “Going Deep with The Universe” call I hosted.  Building blocks of connection and understanding.

Second day of the 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

Looking forward to tomorrow being a Day of Creativity.  Unless The Universe has other plans. 🙂

2 thoughts on “MDG…08/06/2013”

  1. Ray, I spoke to Jeanine today and she has been getting your messages and thinks you are doing a great job. I told her to let you know herself ,but she asked me to tell you. Good job.

    1. Thanks so much for passing her message along. I really appreciate hearing that my message is connecting with people <3 !

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