Last 100 Word Homework for Martha

Martha & RayToday, technology got a little wonky.  It has happened a few times around the Life Coach Training work with Martha Beck.  Maybe the magic causes technology to act up?

At any rate, here’s my last 100-word homework assignment to Martha for my training.  Plus, a question for her.  Cheers, All

I love the “Ideal Day;” it’s my license to voice and play with my dreams.  My introduction to Metaphors was Find-Your-Calling last autumn.  My “Purpose” concern was others judging me wanting, not worthwhile.  My metaphor was a yellow lab puppy—overjoyed, open, loving.  Who could not accept that puppy, so authentic and enthusiastic?  I am like that puppy!

You also said something beautiful that day, “When you stop struggling against what’s happening to you, the heart finds a way to fall in love with the next step.”  I’m learning to step with purpose, and fall in love.  Thank you Martha!

Question for Martha: I was drawn to the “Escape the Man Cage” Workshop, but I was daunted by the cost and the timing.  I didn’t leap.  May I ask you for some re-assurance that we will meet soon for this?  Love, Ray.   

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