Sneak Peek

IMGP2010Yesterday I mentioned my intention of finishing up work on a coaching program I am creating for later this summer.  Life got in the way of my To-Do List, but today was the start of another day.  I had a lot of prep-work for MBT class, the class itself, and a coaching call after.  This afternoon I went for a run.  More vacuuming, too.

I am proud to report that I did work on the coaching program.  There are some finishing touches left to work out, but I have brought it from imagination to creation.

Here’s a segment of what it’s about:

Our journey over six weeks will take you to clarity: you will articulate what matters to you and who you want to be; you will know when your body is speaking the truth of your heart; you will meet your essential core; you will see how to dissolve thoughts that are creating your mental roadblocks; and you will have a strategy to bring your best future into reality.

Consider this your summer vacation: a spa retreat, walkabout, or travel abroad.  What lies ahead are movement, motivation, and momentum.

If there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be, there’s only one way to bridge the gap.  You have to stretch for it.  Stretch beyond what is comfortable; stretch past what you know.  It’s challenging work, but WHOA—what lies beyond is YOURS!


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