One Day

heartThere was a point where what I dreamed for my life was far from the life I was living.

There was a point when I started to doubt I could ever reach any of my dreams.

There was a point when change seemed impossible.

I reached a point where I believed I did not deserve anything better in my life.

Yet, I continued on.

I did something small, inconsequential to me, that helped someone else, and I felt good.

I did something small for myself, nothing really, and it made me smile.

I took a risk and put myself out there, and I made friends, who liked the real me.

I tried new things and risked failure, knowing my friends supported me.

I met someone, and we fell in love.

We work everyday at being open and honest, even when that means admitting we are hurt or scared.

We choose to love each other.  And my world has grown so much.

One day…is now today.

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