Be the lightMy Daily Gratitude–shared a wonderful evening with friends.  One topic of discussion was the change (some say deterioration) in social skills and etiquette, and whether changing technology is playing a role, by isolating us and encouraging less personal interaction.

I’m not sure I believe technology will be the downfall of social skills, because I think the need and desire for connection is essential and strong.  This I do believe, though–at the end of it all, at the bottom of it all, it doesn’t matter about success, money, or prestige; it won’t be about technology, smart phones, or download speeds.

At the essential core of things, what each of us has, and the only thing that truly matters, is our own self to share with another.  To Be.  With.

It is The Greatest Gift.  So, don’t spurn an opportunity to share yourself with another.  And, be deeply grateful when someone shares her/himself with you.  Therein lies a richness beyond finances.

Please, Join In and Share--