Playful Dance!


One benefit I’ve experienced from my more routine writing practice is that I’m capturing thoughts and phrases that sometimes really tickle me.  This is not meant to pat myself on the back, it’s just the expression of a hunch that has popped up for me.  When a person spends more time doing something s/he truly enjoys, s/he has more moments of doing that thing well and experiencing joyful satisfaction.

Possibilities ImaginationPotential Energy

Yesterday I offered my own perspective on Disappointment.  I now wish to explore that idea in more detail.

I am here, as I am, in a big, wide world in a grand, abundant universe.  That universe, that world, and I—we are whole and full in this present moment.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense, to me, to spend any time wishing that any part of the present was any different than the reality that it is.  My thoughts won’t change the present, and it is those thoughts (should/should not, must/must not, have to, ought to) that create my friction and consequent discomfort with the reality of the present.

That is not to say that I should not wish or hope for a brighter future.  Indeed, it is worthwhile to recognize what we value, and those expectations are essential to creating the potential energy that drives the change we desire.  Honestly, I believe that our hope for a brighter future is what provides us with the energy, stamina, will, and persistence to pursue our true path.

Playful Dance!

So, here’s what I am calling the “Playful Dance!”  In between what IS in the present and what CAN BE in the future is The Gap.  Play in that gap; explore; dance; revel.  In that gap exists all possibilities!  Don’t spend one ounce of energy or one moment of time wishing NOW was any different than what it is; put all your focus and effort on creating the future that makes your desires possible!

The Gap is the home of potential energy, and the more you play and dance in the gap, the more energy and momentum you will carry toward the future you truly desire.

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