How Much is Enough…for You?

Dollar SignsI want to share a wonderful article delivered to my Inbox this morning.  What I enjoy is that this seems an uncharacteristic perspective from a financial sort…which, in my opinion, makes it fresh and poignant.

How to Be Happier With Your Money, by Morgan Housel.

Interesting, from my view here planted mostly in Life Coach-land, to see Mr. Investment-type inquire whether the unending pursuit of more money can really deliver happiness.  Housel references a gerontologist and a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in economics to ferret out which is the more worthwhile question: Do I need to pursue more money in order to be happier?  Or, do I have what I need to be happy?

I love the four major points that have a big impact on making people happy, which Housel borrows from Kahneman (the psychologist).  Guess what–more money isn’t one of them.

So, in the future, I’ll stop to ask myself: What is the whole deal?  What am I losing or sacrificing in order to pursue more money to gain more happiness?  What if it is happiness itself that I’m giving up?  Seems silly, when I put it like that…

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