Possibilities ImaginationCan you think of 3 times in your life when you were filled with excitement and butterflies in anticipation of an event?  When you felt a tingling like electricity and a lightness of your spirit.

Can you think of 3 times in your life when you felt a restricting, nervous pressure about some upcoming event?  When you had knots in your stomach, a weight on your chest, or a throbbing in your temples.

Why the difference?


When I conjure up memories with dancing butterflies and electricity, I remember first dates and musical performances.

Stomach-knotted memories include speaking before a class and job interviews.

For me, I think I’ve begun to see future unknowns with opportunity, and that triggers my excitement and anticipation.  That has not always been the case.  When my response feels restrictive and troubling, my fear of judgment and failure has usually popped up, and I’ve allowed those fears to write a loser’s story that I believe.


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