Today, My Happiness is…Having Run!

strong enoughI may have mentioned here before that I am fairly new to running.  I had attempted to take up running a few times in my life, but found it too lonely, boring, and time-consuming.  At least, that’s what my mind told me.  I could never really put my finger on it, except that I didn’t take to it and get excited by it, unlike activities like golf, hiking, and bicycling.

I gave it another try, back at the end of August of last year.  It was during a personal transition, and running became an activity to focus and generate some positive energy.  This time, it took.  It’s been 9 months, and I’m still enjoying getting out and running.  I’ve gained a sense of accomplishment and confidence.  Running is meditative for me.  I feel good, and I sleep better.  I’ve lost a little weight.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t always enjoy my run.  Don’t get me wrong–often, getting out and running changes my views, my oxygen, and my energy, and, in doing so, it changes my attitude.  I’ve learned that on some days, going for a run can really turn things around and  save the day.

Some days, though, I may have a lot on my mind, or I am focusing too much on my running performance, or my body (or mind or heart) just aren’t in alignment with my run.  Sometimes, my run feels too much like work.  And, I don’t enjoy it as much.

Here’s what I’ve learned, though–My Ultimate Takeaway!  Even when I didn’t enjoy it, it felt like work, and I may have cut it extremely short; I still get pretty proud of myself for getting out there and doing it.

Because there used to be a guy who didn’t run, because there was a chance it might not be enjoyable.  Now I’m a guy who does run, because there’s the chance that it will be AWESOME!!!

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