TMHI…Pismo Beach!

Today, My Happiness is…Pismo Beach!

Pismo Beach 1Pismo Beach 2







What a day of adventure!!!  And, I met each challenge with excitement and enthusiasm, treating it as opportunity!

Pismo Beach 3Pismo Beach 4




Through these challenges/opportunities, I see how much I’ve changed and grown!




Life Guard #5Surfer CoupleAnd the Meet-and-Greet hasn’t even started!!!



5 thoughts on “TMHI…Pismo Beach!

  1. Ray, what amazing pictures. Where is this very beautiful beach?

    1. Hello Stranger! Hee-hee, many ways to answer that. I’ve gone for a run on the beach, I’ve been taking photos (obviously), bird-watching (the ones with wings), writing, and adventuring.
      I’m here for a Meet-&-Greet this weekend with Martha Beck and some of my amazing fellow cadets. Summed-up, I’m living on the edge of discomfort, pushing at my boundaries of what is possible!

  2. Ray, I just realized that you are in California, Wow, you never said anything. I read Joy’s FB about packing banana bread for your flight. Have a wonderful time. I Love you. Mom

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