The Alpha Lion ROARS

This weekend I participated in an extraordinary opportunity.  I traveled up to Portsmouth, NH for a CTI Co-Active Men’s Fundamentals workshop.  The experience was transformational.  I learned a great deal about myself, but even more about my connection with others—my community and the world.  We were challenged to step out of the limits of our adopted stereotypes and constructs—To Dare To Show Up As Me!

At the end of the weekend, I felt such energy and spirit—a power and full heart found within myself; and the knowledge that holding back any of it is a disservice and loss to myself and the world.

In one exercise, I was given the name Alpha Lion.  The purpose of the name was to propel me to bring forward a part of my identity that the others saw in me, but that I hold back.  Alpha Lion roars; he is bold, confident, and assertive.  He doesn’t seek affirmation and approval; he trusts his intuition and heart.

I was looking forward to writing about my experience this weekend, and the synthesis of thoughts and feelings that emerged because of it.  Then, on the ride home, I heard about the bombing at The Boston Marathon.  Upon arrival home, I watched the news, and we checked Facebook status of friends and loved ones who we knew or thought may have been in attendance.

I don’t know quite how to fully explain how this shifted me from my weekend experience.  Fundamentally, I know I went from such a big, open, loving space…to something else.

And, here’s what Alpha Lion can state, right here, right now.  I am pissed.  I am sad.  This act is cowardice and weakness.  I am angry to have been pulled so quickly from peace and love toward fear and terror.

But…I am not fear, I am love.  I am not weak, I am strong.  I am not alone, I am connected.  I have love and offer it; therefore, we are greater than those cowards.  I am peace, and I share it; I give it and receive it.

Thank you for being a part of me, and I am a part of you!

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