Resolutions for 2013

Here they are—My Resolutions for 2013!!!

Exciting, right? Now, you might be thinking that I’m a tad bit late for declaring My Resolutions. To that, I’ve got two things to say. First, with all due respect, says who? Second, and I hope you can dig the beauty of this—here it is February, and I am talking about My Resolutions. How many of your resolutions are still in effect?

So, I’m offering you a mulligan; a do-over. I mean, the point of resolutions isn’t supposed to be how quickly they fail, is it? I’ve always felt resolutions were meant to inspire us and guide us toward our true nature. Yet, year-after-year, it seems people set resolutions that are more like chains to confine and restrict them to a life they feel they are expected to be living, and supposed to be liking. A lot of shoulds, musts, and have tos. Stuff that they would probably already be doing, if it were in accordance with their true nature.

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But now, without further adieu, My Resolutions for 2013!!!


  • No resolutions. I am going with intentions, which I consider kinder and gentler.
  • Enjoy quiet time for mindfulness. Exploring meditation helps me be centered, calm, and patient.
  • Run. I’ve discovered a real joy in running. In some ways it’s similar to meditation for me. And, some days it can really turn my day around. Yay!
  • Write. I’m really enjoying the process of writing, and I hope the practice is improving my writing.
  • Explore. I want to challenge myself to adventure outside my comfort zone.
  • Trumpet. Artistic expression through playing is personally satisfying to me.
  • Reward. Each of the previous intentions brings me joy and mindfulness. I invite them to be more prominent in my life. To encourage these intentions further, I plan to reward myself when I partake of any intention. I may add or alter the form of reward, but initially, I’ve decided to honor my intention with music. So, acting on intention will also allow me purchasing music on iTunes.


So, that’s it! I hope you’ll share some of your resolutions, and we can discuss progress and process. Please keep in touch.

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