My Daily Gratitude–01/24/2013

Sailboat silhouette
Sailboat silhouette

Looking ahead, forging ahead; yet, being patient and unattached to outcomes.  No easy thing.

Until you really start understanding the joy of the journey.

The boat in dock is still.

The boat at sea is movement, is alive–

Carried by wave and wind, steered by sail and rudder.


Today was a full day.  Conversation with Mom (IT support).  Exciting first class in my 8 month-long Martha Beck LCT Training.  Already linked up with a Coaching Buddy.  Info session with A., trading Family Tree info for blog knowledge.  And, signed up for a Mens’ Fundamentals Weekend Training session, with experiential coach training workshops promised.  Oh, and a 3.1 mile run in a -9° wind chill.


Where are we heading?  To tomorrow, and beyond!

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