My Daily Gratitude—01/21/2013

snowflakeSnow has begun to fall. The forecast considers a possibility of decent accumulation overnight. We are hopeful.

This blog is entitled “Daily,” but it’s been a while since I posted any gratitude. I want to get back into the practice. So, I thought I would give a short recap of moments that stood out this week.

We visited a friend (J) with whom we attended high school many moons ago. J was in the area visiting one of our premier hospitals, where he underwent an open-heart procedure. He was in our thoughts, so we wanted to visit. Our time with him lifted his spirits, and his appreciation and optimism lifted ours. He’s back home already, and got the chance to celebrate his birthday with his family.

Another family stayed with us over the weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve spent time together, so we were able to get caught up, and see how big the C-man is getting. A board game and kick ball on the Commons was a great way to play and connect. It was nice to have extended conversation with H (and I think she enjoyed the chance, too). But, it was also a lot of fun to laugh and play with an eight year old. Good times and great experience.

I’ve also been trying to connect with a fellowship of like-minded adventurers. This has occurred through a building network through webinars, social media groups, and an upcoming intensive life coach training experience. I feel so connected and creative with the ideas, strategies, and energy radiating from this Team. I bless my good fortune.

I’ve been keeping busy. I definitely see my movement, and I like it. Buen Camino!

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