Songs of the Day–01/19/2013

Tcharliebrownchristmashroughout the week, I found myself with a couple different songs in my head.  One was Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.  The other, when I was perhaps in a more meditative and contemplative state, was James Galway/Hiro Fujikake’s The Enchanted Forest, which A. played at our wedding.

This morning, though, I’m humming The Peanuts’ Linus and Lucy, by Vince Guaraldi .  I think this is because Joy is home and the house is filled with fun, playful energy.  Yay!!

2 thoughts on “Songs of the Day–01/19/2013

    1. Thanks. The long-term purpose, you see, is to discover whether I’m sending myself subconscious messages via songs that emerge during times of empty mind.

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