The Heart’s Capacity

heartI have a big, beautiful, courageous heart that empowers me to love. So strong is this heart, that it has the capacity to love even when I am afraid, angry, lost, or disillusioned. In fact, this grand heart compels me to love despite my fears, angers, and doubts. I have found that the ability to love is quite a separate thing from these other feelings. For a long time, I believed that fear, anger, sadness or doubt prohibited me from being able to love. Now, though, I understand that my capacity to love is unaffected by my state of mind or my emotions. Like continuing to breathe or think when I am sad or angry; so, too, may I continue to love.

For me to do less than love diminishes who I am and what I can be. The unlimited capacity of my heart to love and be loved is a generous, wondrous gift which I must receive and accept bravely, and strive toward unsheltered, to prove worthy.

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