My Daily Gratitude–12/19/2012


I haven’t posted a gratitude in a few days.  Truth is, I’ve spent the last several days working on my final paper for my Social Work graduate class.  This involved investigating research articles on my selected topic, reading the articles, then building and supporting my thesis.

That’s a lot of work.  And it takes a lot of time, energy, and focus.  I’m sure you can remember school projects looming over you, the deadline threatening.

But this is different.  Like so many things in my life lately, I am excited by this.  I have a personal interest in my topic, and I am enjoying delving deep into the subject.  Writing the paper did become a bit of a challenge, but I really think it’s because I regretted what this last paper symbolized to me–the end of the class.

I’ve learned so much in this class.  And, so much that I needed to learn, about myself.  It really feels like it was the perfect class at the perfect time.

I still have some readings and a couple short writings to do for the class by the end of the week.  I’m glad I don’t have to quit cold turkey!

One thought on “My Daily Gratitude–12/19/2012

  1. Missed your quotes. glad it was because of finals. I’m not taking my computer on trip. So I will have to catch up when I’m back home.

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