My Daily Gratitude–12/14/2012

Sad, shocking, and disturbing.  Senseless tragedy.  Innocent lives.

I wish things like this didn’t happen.  I hope someday they don’t happen.


I wish to help heal lives.  I strive to live peacefully.  I want to share and spread love.  I offer compassion and acceptance.  May my heart and touch heal and comfort.

My gratitude is to be living in a world of hope and potential.  I hope, I really hope, tomorrow is more peaceful than today.

One thought on “My Daily Gratitude–12/14/2012

  1. I just want to hold you and Joy so close to me. I feel so sad.
    Why, why do things like this happen? How can we help those
    who have lost so much? Little innocent children who are now angels.

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