My Daily Gratitude–12/13/2012

I thHawk1ink one of the greatest challenges is watching someone you care about going through a difficult time.  You want to fix things and make it better; you want to rescue them; you want to slay their dragons.  You want to make their hurt go away.

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that you can’t.

To understand this, you have to think back to your own toughest situations.  At some point, as you got older, you realized that for you to discover you, to become you, and to be true to you, you had to trust and rely on yourself.  You had to resolve the situation in a way that worked for you, and that you invented and enacted.  By taking responsibility for yourself, and exercising your resourcefulness, you came to believe in yourself!

This is the process occurring right now for each of us.  And for your loved one.  Have faith in them, and allow them to see it.  Let them know you believe in them, and that you are willing to support them.  But this is the time to give them room to spread their wings.  This is when they learn to fly!

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