Doing That One Thing Well

Yesterday I wrote about strategies to deal with overwhelmed feelings of too much to do and not enough time. Interestingly, I envisioned the post going in a different direction than where it ended. My initial concept actually centered around how my day was going, how little I felt I had achieved. The post was going to explore how, instead of getting down on myself, I did just one thing. Then another. And, it built some momentum, and I ended the day looking back and feeling I had accomplished more than I expected I would. And, I determined that whatever level that reached, that would be good enough.

Somehow, though, the post went in another direction. It became a message about To-Do Lists and falling behind. I also discussed those emergencies and crises that catch us so unaware. I kept returning to that feeling, the surprise that rocks our world, and seems to force everything to stop. Immediately and profoundly.

So, it was unnerving when I got word that a friend had gotten word last night of a family emergency. This is a very busy lady, who is in the midst of maybe her busiest, most important week of her year. She found out yesterday that a relative was in a health crisis.

I can place myself in her shoes. I’ve had the occasion to get news that made my heart skip a beat, as dread about losing someone dear clouded my mind. I also have to admit thinking, “But, I’ve got ____, ________, and _______ to do. How will I manage? It couldn’t happen at a worse time.”

Of course, when would be a good time for news like that?

So, here she is, dealing with crisis, in the middle of her life. I am thinking of her and her family, and wishing peace to all of them. She didn’t need to ask advice about what to do. If she had, I would have said just two things.

“Do what you feel you must do, and that you can live with yourself after.”

“No regrets. Even if later you think you could or should have done something else, make the choice today with your whole heart. That’s the best you can do.”

There’s never a good time, but it is such an important time.

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